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Ashok Nimgade, M.D.
Doctor Ashok Nimgade heads our physical therapy team. He is Harvard trained and board certified in physical medicine and rehabiliation and occupational and environmental medicine. Doctor Nimgade is a published researcher. His presentations help train physical therapists across the country.
Allison Goodman-O'Rourke, M.S., P.T.
Allison Goodman-O'Rourke began her medical career as a rehab aid in 1988. She earned her masters degree and license in physical therapy in 1995. With a special focus in orthopedics, she has worked in home care, hospitals, and has clinic management experience. She enjoys jazz and modern dancing.
Stephen Mochado, P.T.A.
Stephen Mochado has more than a decade of experience as a licensed physical therapist assistant. He has helped patients at Wellness Medical Center since its founding in 2001. He has had a severe knee injury and knows first-hand what a difference physical therapy can make in getting well again.
Fatima Alves
Administrative Assistant
David Depina
IT Specialist/Accounts Receivable Manager
Edna Vazquez
Office Manager
about us
Boston Physical Therapy at the Wellness Medical Center provides pain relief and physical rehabilitation through traditional physical therapy,
physiotherapy and occupational therapy which will help you feel better and to regain strength and mobility fast.

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