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Postoperative Therapy

Wellness Medical Center's physical therapists are experienced in every stage of postoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation. Consultation includes thorough evaluation to fully assess the postoperative issue, followed by an individualized program for increasing mobility and strength. Through your entire treatment program, we coordinate care with your orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, or other physicians to help you recover faster and more completely from your operation.

If you are recovering from or planning for an operation, call Wellness Medical Center. Our friendly office staff will help take care of your paperwork and our caring doctors and therapists will make sure you get the right physical therapy treatment you need.

Please >>contact us<< to schedule an appointment.

Postoperative Conditions We Treat
Ankle surgery
Achilles tendon repair
ACL reconstruction
Foot reconstruction
Hip replacement
Knee replacement
Rotator cuff repair
Shoulder surgery
Spine surgery


  auto accident injuries
  sports injuries
Boston Physical Therapy at the Wellness Medical Center provides pain relief and physical rehabilitation through traditional physical therapy,
physiotherapy and occupational therapy which will help you feel better and to regain strength and mobility fast.

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