Improving People’s Wellness
in Boston since 2001

Wellness Medical Center is an outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic based in Boston. We treat patients with pain and debilitating injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, playing sports, recovering after the operation, or other conditions.

Our goal is to eliminate your pain, increase your strength and mobility, and live without physical limitation. We’re here to help you regain your quality of life—your sense of wellness!

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Wellness Means Expert Care

Our medical team is led by Doctor Ashok Nimgade, M.D., a nationally-recognized, Harvard-trained physiatrist who teaches physical therapists throughout the country. Our comprehensive treatment program uses the latest equipment and innovative therapeutic techniques. We tailor your treatment based on your unique needs. We are the experienced hands to help you recover as completely and quickly as possible.

Wellness Means Patient-First Care

Only treating the body isn’t enough. You deserve kindness, compassion, and comfort from your health care providers. We listen. We offer a friendly, relaxing setting for your visit. We have convenient office hours. Our staff speaks several languages. We provide patients with complimentary transportation to and from our clinic. Everything we do reflects our desire to see you enjoy life to the fullest. That’s why we follow this simple philosophy: The patient always comes first.

We look forward to helping you rehabilitate, improve your health, and achieve wellness!

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Interested? Schedule Your
First Appointment Today!

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