Wellness Medical Center

Sport Injuries

Wellnes Medical Center, as a leader in adopting an approach of multidisciplinary practice for sports injuries. Complementing the physical therapy practice is a range of integrated health services including massage therapy, workplace health and ergonomics, and athletic therapy, all in the convenience of a single location.

When an injury occurs an accurate diagnosis & prompt treatment are essential to achieve a good recovery & aid an early return to sport.

An untreated or poorly rehabilitated injury can develop into a chronic injury & be detrimental to the sport.

The main aim is to rehabilitate the injury as quickly and as safely as possible to return the individual to functional sporting activity.

Our Approach

The rehabilitation undertaken to recover from a sports injury will often engage a number of allied professionals. To correct or protect an injured joint or structure, orthotics and other protective devices may be constructed to assist the athlete in achieving optimal physical function.

The physical work required of the athlete to return to their pre-injury fitness often requires the athlete to learn a variety of stretching and flexibility exercises to rebuild or to improve an existing range of motion in a joint.

Here at our clinic you will be assessed for the nature and actual site of the problem and relate it to you as a whole, before we make a skilled diagnosis and provide treatment.

  • Joint sprains, sprained ankles and wrists.

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Muscle strains, pulled hamstring, calf or groin.
  • Overuse injuries R.S.I, tendonitis and bursitis.
  • Back pain and trapped nerves, Lower Back Pain, stiff neck and sciatica.
  • Whiplash injuries, muscle, joint or nerve pain following a road traffic accident.
  • Wear and tear injuries/joint pain, osteoarthritis, cartilage problems, frozen shoulder.